Fall Seminar:

Bees, Blossoms & Butterflies

Saturday, September 9
8:15 am to 12:30 pm
First Methodist Church
414 W. Broad St. in Forney

Cost is $15 if preregistered, $20 at door if space permits.

The World of Beekeeping, from Hobby to Sideline to Commercial

Join Blake Shook for the basics of beekeeping and to learn  about the similarities and differences among three types of beekeepers: hobbyists who want bees for pollination and/or honey for personal use, sideliners who want several hives to harvest honey for extra money and commercial keepers who make their livings from bees and bee products.

Beescapes: Honey Bee Plants for Texas Landscapes and Rural Land

Get an update from Becky Bender on our vanishing honeybees and learn ways we can all help. Whether you’re curious about beekeeping or just want to ensure that your yard or property benefits our pollinators, you'll enjoy this timely topic with lots of photos. Program focus is on using a diversity of native and well-adapted plants to provide attractive, ecologically-responsible honey bee habitat.

To preregister, email sbburden@ag.tamu.edu or call 972-932-9069 by September 6th.

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