Master Gardeners have four major objectives, as defined in the Texas Master Gardener Management Guide:

  • to expand the capabilities of Texas A & M AgriLife Extension Service to disseminate horticultural information to individuals and groups in the community
  • to develop and enhance community projects related to horticulture, including: horticultural therapy projects, community gardens, and demonstration gardens
  • to develop a Master Gardener network to assist in administration of the local Master Gardener Program
  • to enhance 4-H programs through the establishment of 4-H horticultural clubs and Junior Master Gardener groups

KCMGA achieves these objective through a variety of activities, described throughout this site, including:

  • Distributing horticultural information to the community through:
    • Answering questions by telephone and at local events,
    • Distributing horticultural literature,
    • Organizing local horticultural education events,
  • Consulting with local organizations on horticultural issues and
  • Showcase the best in horticultural practices by:
    • Designing and maintaining demonstration gardens,
    • Assisting in design and maintenance of community gardens,
    • Participating in garden trials.