Master Gardeners Tour Canton Herb Mart, Produce Farm

On May 2, 2012, after a brunch at the home of Master Gardener Marsha Sasser, a group of Kaufman County Master Gardeners traveled to Canton to tour Terry’s Herb Plant Mart and Lenley’s Produce and Plant Farm. At Terry’s, the owner, who is an encyclopedia of knowledge about herbs, provided information and recommendations about the huge assortment of herbs he stocks. Some of these plants are hard to find in the general market.  Master Gardeners saw—and, of course, couldn’t resist purchasing--lots of different types of mint, sage, oregano, basil, and even some “walking” onions.

At Lemley’s Plants and Produce, Master Gardeners saw beautiful hanging baskets of scaevola and petunias and many bedding plants. Among their purchases were Lemley’s delicious hot-house-grown tomatoes. They capped the trip with home-made peach ice cream! For a group of people who enjoy growing things and sharing knowledge about gardening, it was a great day. Terry’s Herb Plant Mart is located at the corner of FM 1255 and VZCR 4128. Lemley's Produce and Plant Farm is located at 590 VZCR 2143 near Canton. Check their facebook page or call (903) 848-9411 for hours and directions.

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