I'm Gonna Eat a Bug...Maybe.

Molly Keck, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service entomologist from Bexar County, recently coordinated "Insecta Fiesta," an event featuring a "three-course, fiesta-inspired gourmet meal made with insects or insect-based ingredients." The even was held at Blue Star Brewing Company in San Antonio, The choice of venue was probably a wise one; a lot of us would need to imbibe a bit before sitting down to such a meal.

The trend toward offering insect-based delicacies has been increasing over the past decade. Wikitravel lists the top 10 U.S. restaurants serving insects, including Hugo's in Houston, which advertises "a wide variety of authentic Mexican cuisine including a main entree of sauteed chapulines (grasshoppers) served with guacamole." A search for "restaurants serving insects near Dallas, Tx" returned not only the Wikitravel article, but several discussing other restaurants in Austin and San Antonio. None in Dallas so far, but how long can it be?

Many scientists and nutritionists see entomophagy, or the eating of insects, as a solution to the problem of feeding our growing population if (or when, if you listen to some experts) modern farming methods can no longer keep up with the increasing demand for food, especially protein.

Check out the article from AgriLife Today for more details about entomophagy.

Insecta Fiesta provides ‘ant’eresting culinary experience for attendees

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