Butterfly Garden with Obelisk In keeping with our emphasis on research-based information, the links included on this page come primarily from Texas A&M University. Other land-grant universities, of which there are more than 70 nationwide, are also excellent sources of non-regional information. A list is available at the Higher Education Resource Hub.

Texas A&M University Resources

  • Aggie Horticulture
    • From the Department of Horticultural Sciences, Texas A & M University. News, upcoming events, links to featured sites, links to county and regional gardening sites. Links to other sites with useful information:
      • Home Lawn and Garden
        • Landscaping information, help with fruit, nut and vegetable production for homeowners, pest management and problem solver tools.
      • Commercial Horticulture
        • Information on commercial production of vegetable, fruit and nut crops. Nursery, floral and greenhouse information.
      • EarthKind® Landscaping
        • Extensive, research-proven information on landscaping that conserves water and energy, reduces fertilizer and pesticide use and reduces the amount of yard and garden waste going to landfills.
      • Small Acreage Horticultural Crops
        • Information for people considering or engaged in small agricultural businesses
      • Texas Superstar® Plants
        • Plants tested and selected for superstar performance in Texas. Plant lists, selection and growing tips, lists of wholesale and retail outlets.
  • EarthKind® Roses
    • Explanation of EarthKind® rose program, list of cultivars, growing tips, field trial reports, research reports, and a forum for questions and discussion.
  • AggieTurf
    • The Texas A & M Turfgrass program with information for homeowners, golf-course managers, sports-field managers.
  • Patio Citrus
    • All you need to know to grow your own Texas citrus at home.

Other Resources

  • Texas Tree Planting Guide
    • Express and custom tree selectors and tree planting tools from the Texas Forest Service.
  • Texas: Nursery, Floral and Landscape Network
    • Information on nursery floral crop production, greenhouse, hydroponics and horticultural integrated pest management.
  • A Guide to Outdoor Planting at (Thanks for the tip, Amy B!)
    • Annotated list of links to state and federal government sites providing information:
      • Planting flowers and vegetables;
      • Identifying, planting, pruning and caring for trees and shrubs in the home landscape;
      • Designing and maintaining sustainable landscapes; and
      • Gardening and fire safety.