EarthKind® Rose Trial Garden

Kaufman County Master Gardener Marvin Dietel, with the help of fellow Master Gardeners, established an EarthKind® Rose Garden outside the KCMGA office at 3471 N State Hwy 34 in Kaufman in 2007. The trial garden had multiple varieties and colors of EarthKind Roses.

During the 3 years of the trial, the roses were pruned, mulched and weeded but received not additional fertilizer, herbicides or insecticides. Marvin recorded the progress of each variety and reported the results to the EarthKind Rose trial group at Texas A&M. At the end of the trial, the varieties that had proved successful were left in the bed, while the poorer-performing varieties were removed. Additional EarthKind varieties will be planted to replace them.

EarthKind roses are part of an environmental landscape management program developed by Texas A&M horticulture specialists. Roses are selected to be a part of this group after passing rigorous testing. More information on EarthKind Roses is available online at or stop in at the KCMG office and pick up an informational handout.